Thursday, July 30

The new 9to5

Familiar, yet refreshing new layout from 9to5mac (and the rest of the 9to5 network). They’re sticking with ads, but in a more considerate way. You have to walk before you run; this is great progress.

On a related note, great timing, coincidental though it may be.

Tuesday, July 07

Introducing Material Design Lite

Back in 2014, Google published the material design specification with a goal to provide guidelines for good design and beautiful UI across all device form factors. Today we are releasing our effort to bring this to websites using vanilla CSS, HTML and JavaScript. We’re calling it Material Design Lite (MDL).

I love the overall aesthetic of Google’s material design specification and I’m excited they’re bringing it to the web with this new, easy to implement library. Now, if only I can come up with a good project/excuse to start playing with it …