Tuesday, February 17

Inside Out

If Walter Isaacson’s Steve Jobs biography left you wanting more – more insight into Steve Jobs the man and more insight into Apple the company – then Ian Parker’s recent profile of Jonathan Ive for The New Yorker just might fit the bill. Parker seems to have gained unprecedented access not only to Ive, but to his studio of designers, as well as other Apple executives like Tim Cook and Bob Mansfield. Parker builds his narrative around the period leading up to and following the announcement of the Apple Watch and on to the present developments with Apple’s still-under-construction Campus 2, a project in which Ive is intimately involved.

If you’ve ever been curious about anything Apple-related I highly recommend Parker’s profile. It’s a great read with revelations that practically supplant any outsider perspective of the company I’ve ever read. One thing the profile makes clear – Ive’s design team has a significant role in all aspects of product development at Apple; from hardware – internal and external components – to software and all the way down to how a product is manufactured.

Update: On this week’s episode of the Accidental Tech Podcast, John Siracusa notes that Parker’s profile borrows liberally from Leander Kahney’s book about Jonny Ive. That might make my statement about the significance of Parker’s profile a little bit of a reach, but if you’ve read Kahney’s book (I haven’t), then maybe you can think of Parker’s profile as a bit of an update.