Friday, August 07

Great Design is Invisible

When designing the experience and interactions of a product, the most common question I ask myself is, “What is the least amount of work a user has to do, to achieve their desired outcome?”

Design isn’t always pixels and materials. Sometimes, in fact, it isn’t even about what you see at all.

Saturday, May 30

Google Design

Wow, Google really is taking this Material Design thing seriously.

Note to readers from the future: I apologize in advance for the inevitable pivot Google will make in their design philosophy, calling it something like Matter or Fluid or something like that within the next 5 years.

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Thursday, May 28


“Design is a process of experimentation and elimination. You should be excited to have your mind changed and throw things away.”
Thursday, May 14


“But here’s the thing — a lot of nicely designed products never take off or get noticed. Good design is not enough.”
Tuesday, March 24
Tuesday, March 03